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Our Websites


SuperShopDeals.com is exactly what the name implies - deals!  We work with a variety of different retailers where we feature their products in our content as well as our search functionality, with a primary focus on sales items.


Love to travel?  We do too!  That's why we created a website where we feature travel deals for airlines, hotels, car rentals, and more.  We scour the web looking for the best travel deals for our audience.  Our content is updated daily with fresh deals and new content.


Fensi.shop focuses on luxury fashion and accessories.  We aim to partner with high quality and luxury brands that have higher price points.

What We Offer

Search Functionality

All of our web properties have search functionality, meaning if one of our users searches for keywords relevant to your brand, your products will appear in the search results.

blog content

We update our blog content multiple times per week.  We feature content such as top deals from particular merchants, product reviews, special offers, and more.

deal oriented

On SuperShopDeals.com, our main goal is to offer our audience the top deals available for them.  We do this by featuring sales items, coupon codes, and more on a dedicated deals page within our websites.

email subscribers

We offer our users to sign up for our emails that are sent out for each of our owned and operated web properties.  These emails contains deals that, when clicked, will take the user to that deal on that particular website.

product datafeed integration

For our partners that have a product datafeed available, we are able to take that datafeed and integrate it onto our web properties.  This will allow your products to appear in the search results page for our users conducting searches relevant to your products.

Incremental Sales & Bookings

The primary goal for us is to provide incremental sales, orders, and bookings for each partner that we work with.  We aim at curating fresh content on our web properties that, when partnered with the appropriate brands, will deliver a ready-to-purchase audience.


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